ISBN 978-1-913167-10-3

A5 Paperback with Sewn Binding,

300 pages

2nd Edition, published 2022

OAC Coaching Bible

The Alps, A Natural Companion

2nd Edition

The stunning natural beauty of the Alps makes this range of mountains one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations.

This book helps visitors to gain a deeper appreciation of that beauty, by providing a guide to the geology and flowers of the Alps.

Written in straightforward language for those with little or no prior knowledge and illustrated by stunning photographs, maps and diagrams, this book reveals how different rocks were created and shaped into the present-day mountains by glaciers and other agents.

The detailed guide to 344 stunning Alpine flowers and plants can be used for on-the-spot identification and is complemented by chapters describing just how these flowers survive in their harsh mountain environment.

Finally, what better way to make use of your new-found understanding than to explore the Alps with the 23 suggested walks, which are located in some of the best geological and botanical spots of the Alps.

Learn how rocks were created and thrust upwards to make the massive Alpine mountain range, and how the mountains were shaped into the present-day scenery by ice and other agents of erosion.
Scores of stunning photographs, along with clear maps and diagrams, help to convey the exciting story of the Alpine mountains and valleys.

Learn about distinctive and beautiful Alpine species, how and where they grow, and how they have been used by mankind for thousands of years.
Identify more than 300 Alpine flowers and plants with the easy-to-use, colour-coded flower identification guide.

Explore the fascinating landscape of the Alps with 20 varied walks across France, Italy, Switzerland and Austria

Jim Langley and Paul Gannon piece together the fragments that help us to understand the sheer diversity and wealth of our alpine world - John Beatty

The Alps, A Natural Companion showcases the best reasons to head to Europe's mountain heaven. Using jaw-dropping images and an easy-to-follow layman's approach, Jim Langley and Paul Gannon provide an accessible and interesting guide to the flowers and geology of its most stunning features. - Trail Magazine

The Authors

Paul Gannon is a science and technology writer. He is the author of nine books, including the popular Rock Trails series about the geology and scenery of British hillwalking areas (Snowdonia, Lakeland, the Scottish Highlands, the Peak District, and South Wales). He also runs geology workshops in Snowdonia and the Lake District.

Jim Langley is a specialist in alpine flowers. He has a Master’s degree in conservation and land management, and holds the International Mountain Leader and Winter Mountain Leader qualifications. He also runs Nature’s Work (, an educational consultancy that provides a range of guided walks, training events, and bespoke outdoor learning programmes.