Three individual volumes

1: ISBN 978-0-9567288-5-2

2: ISBN 978-0-9567288-6-9

3: ISBN 978-0-9567288-7-6

A6 Paperback, published 2015


by Steve Broadbent

The Anti-Atlas mountains around Tafraout are a paradise of winter sunrock, where perfect weather, stunning scenery, and a magical Berber culture combine to create one of the most exciting traditional climbing destinations this side of the Atlantic.

At the time of writing (2014) there are well over 2000 recorded climbs in the Anti-Atlas region, with new routes and new crags being reported every season. The definitive guidebooks to the area have, therefore, grown to a rather unwieldy size. This, along with the fact that even definitive guidebooks to the Tafraout region tend to be ‘out of date’ within a few months, was the motivation for this latest series of pocket-sized, user-friendly guides to the best routes: guides that will be perfectly suited not just to teams making their first visit to the region, but many more repeat visits after that.

The result, we hope, is a guide that makes it easier than ever for visitors to make the most of their time in Tafraout, whether they’re looking to spend five days savouring the very best classic lines, or two weeks exploring the mouth-watering variety of cragging and mountain adventures which the Anti-Atlas have to offer.

Featuring almost 1000 climbs between the three volumes

from Easy to E7, F4 to F8b, including:

334 below HS

371 between MVS and HVS

258 between E1 and E3

33 of E4 and above

Plus selected sport climbing and bouldering


We've colour coded all the climbs, and we've colour coded all the climbing areas, then put thumb-tags down the side so you can quickly find your way around.

Handy A6 size

The A6 format means these books really can be carried up long mountain routes, but full-page topos are just as big and clear as other guidebooks.

Spiral Bound

The unique flexible plastic binding means you can fold the book back on itself, open at the topo for the route or sector that you're climbing.

All the climbing areas

including the Ameln Valley, Sidi M'Zal, Idaougnidif, Afantinzar, Samazar, Tagzene, Tagmout, Jebel Taskra, and Tafraout Granite

Something for everyone

Whether you're after hard cragging testpieces, or long easy mountain days, these guides have it all... from bouldering problems, 8-metre micro-routes, to big multi-pitch crags and full-day mountain adventures

Detailed background info

Everything you need to plan a trip, including when to go, how to get there, where to stay, where to get food, where to get your car fixed, what to do on a wet day, what nasty wildlife awaits you, what to do in an emergency, and just about everything else you could wish for

Advice for people without a car

Which crags are easiest to get to, and info on hitching lifts and finding taxis

Advice for families

Sometimes you end up climbing with the kids, and for that you need practical advice about where's best to go.