Frequently Asked Questions

What is the OAC?

The OAC is an independent mountaineering club, founded in 1876 and managed by a President, Secretary, and Third Officer, who are elected every three years at the AGM. The club exists mostly as a network of friends, although occasional climbing meets are organised, along with an annual dinner in Oxford. The Club is not affiliated with the University of Oxford.


Who is eligible for OAC membership?

The OAC is open to alumni of the University of Oxford who have an active interest in mountaineering. Aspirant members should be a graduate of the University, and have completed a number of mountaineering routes in the Alps or equivalent mountain ranges. Current junior members of the University are not eligible for membership.

How do I become a member of the OAC?

To join the OAC you must be proposed and seconded by existing full members of the Club. Applications for membership are considered each year at the Club's AGM, which is usually held in September. If you would like to be considered for membership, but are not in contact with any current members then please email us.

Do OUMC members become members of the OAC?

The Oxford Alpine Club is not directly linked with the OUMC, although many life-members of OUMC go on to join the OAC. The President and Secretary of the OUMC are invited as guests to the OAC Annual Dinner each year, and will be eligible for election as members once they graduate from the University.

I think I'm already a member, but haven't received any emails...

Please email us - it's possible that we do not have up to date contact information for you


Can I bring a guest to an OAC event?

Full members of the OAC are entitled to bring a guest to the Annual Dinner provided the guest has an interest in mountaineering. The President and Secretary of the OUMC are traditionally invited to the Annual Dinner and may bring a guest, though these must be paid for in full. As the Autumn meet is held in a family home, guests at the meet are limited to family members only.

What events do the OAC hold?

The Autumn Meet and AGM  is held in Cumbria every September, when new members are elected and any Club business is transacted. The Annual Dinner is usually held in Oxford in March.

When is the next OAC event?

Please use the Member pages for details of future events. If you have not received email notification then please email us, as we may not have up to date contact details for you.

How do I pay for OAC events?

The price of events will be published on this website and via our email distribution list. For the Annual dinner please forward a cheque in advance (address distributed by email) or use our online payment option on this website.