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If you're the kind of person who has a little 'black book' of climbing, have somehow ended up holding the new-route information to an unusual climbing destination, or even just have an interest in writing your own guidebook... then read on.

Commercial Publishing - Printing, Selling and Distributing your Work

Sharing your work with other climbers can be hard work, and whilst web sites and home-made topos are a good start, you may have enough material to make the beginnings of a new guidebook... Getting that material published can seem like hard work, and most mainstream publishers are reluctant to take the risks on new projects or unknown climbing areas. Self-publishing is a time-consuming and expensive process, but the Oxford Alpine Club can help - we specialise in small run 1st editions to destinations that are perhaps a little 'off the beaten track'.

The Oxford Alpine Club are actively looking for guidebook 'authors', and can provide any level of publishing support from ISBN allocation tocartography, design and pre-press, through to full publishing and distribution packages. We are a small-scale publisher who can provide a unique and bespoke service, and we'd particularly like to hear from you if you've got the makings of a guidebook that perhaps larger publishers don't see sufficient profit in.

Member Publications - Your Expedition Reports, Articles, Diaries, and Photos in Print

For mountaineers, every holiday is an adventure. Whether you took part in a Himalayan expedition, an Arctic trek, or an Alpine adventure, the memories of that trip will probably form an important part of your mountaineering life. If you've got a story to tell, even if it's only a record for the grandchildren, we can help our members to create a beautiful, permanent and professional record in the form of unique or short-run books.Professionally printed, full-colour books can tell the story of major expeditions or climbing trips in a way that photo-albums never will, and as an OAC member you can take full advantage of OAC Publishing to preserve those memories forever. We are also able to publish single copies of diaries and memoirs, providing a beautiful and lasting record of your mountaineering memories.

Corporate, Design, and Cartography - Funding Applications, Expedition Reports and more

The OAC are able to provide design, printing, and cartography work to expeditions involved in exploration or mapping. 

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